ODEX Drilling hammer bit Eccentric overburden systems

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Well Drilling
Center Drill Bit
Tungsten Carbide
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Description

1. When drilling starts, the reamer swings out and reams the pilot-hole wide enough for the casing tube to slide down behind the drill bit assembly.  

2. When the required depth is reached, rotation is reversed carefully, whereupon the reamer swings in , allowing the drill bit assembly to be pulled up through the casing.  

3. Casing tubes that are to be left in the drill hole should be sealed at the bottom of the hole by means of cement grout or some other sealing agent. 

4. Drilling continues to the desired depth in the bedrock using a conventional drill string.



1.Casing tube

2.Drill pipe

3.Guide sleeve

4.DTH hammer

5.Casing shoe

6.Guide device


8.Pilot bit


Maximum OD:115mm Minimum ID:102mm

connection thread:API 2 3/8"REG OD:76mm wrech flats:65mm

Effective length: 174mm

HD35,COP32, IR3.5,QL30

L3=90mm,L4=55mm, D3=101mm,D4=93mm

L1=35mm,L2=138mm, D1=92mm,D4=100mm

D5=91mm,L5=70mm, reaming diameter=123mm, reamer has4*Φ12buttons

D6=90mm,L6=59mm, gauge button=8*Φ12mm, face button:6*Φ10mm


Maximum OD:142mm Minimum ID:128mm

connection thread:API 2 3/8"REG OD:76mm wrech flats:65mm

Effective length: 174mm

HD45,COP44, SD4,DHD340A,QL40,HM4

L3=76mm,L4=55mm, D3=127.5mm,D4=117mm

L1=48mm,L2=136mm, D1=115mm,D4=126mm

D5=114mm,L5=89mm, reaming diameter=152mm, reamer has5*Φ14buttons

D6=114mm,L6=67mm, gauge button=8*Φ14mm, face button:6*Φ13mm


Maximum OD:171mm Minimum ID:155.6mm

connection thread:API 2 3/8"REG OD:89mm wrech flats:65mm

Effective length: 205mm

HD55,COP54, SD5,DHD350R,QL50

L3=90mm,L4=63mm, D3=155.3mm,D4=143mm

L1=55mm,L2=160mm, D1=141mm,D4=154mm

D5=138mm,L5=69.5mm, reaming diameter=185mm, reamer has7*Φ14buttons

D6=138mm,L6=66.5mm, gauge button=8*Φ16mm, face button:8*Φ14mm


Maximum OD:195mm Minimum ID:182.6mm

connection thread:API 3 1/2"REG OD:114mm wrech flats:95mm

Effective length: 225mm

HD65,COP64, SD6,DHD360, QL60

L3=95mm,L4=55mm, D3=181.5mm,D4=166mm

L1=61.5mm,L2=181.5mm, D1=165mm,D4=178mm

D5=164mm,L5=79.5mm, reaming diameter=211mm, reamer has7*Φ14buttons

D6=165mm,L6=82.5mm, gauge button=8*Φ16mm, face button:8*Φ16mm


Maximum OD:222mm Minimum ID:205mm

connection thread:API 3 1/2"REG OD:114mm wrech flats:95mm

Effective length: 285mm

HD65,COP64, SD6,DHD360, QL60

L3=110mm,L4=70mm, D3=204.5mm,D4=193mm


D5=185.5mm,L5=90.2mm, reaming diameter=237mm, reamer has7*Φ16buttons

D6=190mm,L6=82mm, gauge button=9*Φ18mm, face button:9*Φ16mm


Maximum OD:273mm Minimum ID:260.4mm

connection thread:API 3 1/2"REG OD:114mm wrech flats:95mm

Effective length: 343mm

HD85,COP84, SD8,DHD380, QL80

L3=110mm,L4=65mm, D3=259mm,D4=241mm

L1=70mm,L2=190mm, D1=240mm,D4=256mm

D5=238mm,L5=100mm, reaming diameter=308mm, reamer has14*Φ16buttons

D6=240mm,L6=89.5mm, gauge button=12*Φ16mm, face button:18*Φ16mm


Maximum OD:324mm Minimum ID:305mm

connection thread:API 4 1/2"REG OD:114mm wrech flats:95mm

Effective length: 305mm


L3=125mm,L4=75mm, D3=304mm,D4=281mm

L1=97mm,L2=254mm, D1